Ready for the Robots?: Survey says job candidates are mostly ok with AI Apps in the application process.

Craig Fisher
May 16, 2021

Artificial intelligence is taking over parts of the recruitment process. From answering initial candidate questions to scheduling interviews, and even assessing skills, this is a growing trend that is rapidly streamlining how we hire.

We recently surveyed over 200 job candidates about how comfortable they are interacting with an online robot to speed up the interview process? Is it all bad? Are we going to be overrun by Terminators and Skynet?

We believe the future of recruitment hangs in the balance.  Surprisingly most candidates are okay with it.

Answering initial questions about the interview process:

The majority of job seekers are fairly to extremely comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence apps to answer initial questions in the application and interview process.

  • 21.17% are extremely comfortable
  • 36.9% fairly comfortable
  • 23.42% uneasy
  • 18.92 extremely uneasy

As you can see, a large number of candidates are still uneasy about having a chatbot answer their initial questions though a majority of them don’t mind.  This tells us that, although automation appears to be more and more accepted, we must remember to keep a human element in our candidate process.

Scheduling interviews and helping with interview preparation:

Most candidates are glad to have AI apps help with interview scheduling and preparation.  This category has by far the most proponents among job seekers.

  • 36.94% are fairly comfortable
  • 29.28% extremely comfortable
  • 16.67% are uneasy,
  • 17.57% are extremely uneasy.

Performing skills assessment:

Job seekers are mostly comfortable with artificial intelligence apps performing skills assessments.

  • 35.59% are fairly comfortable
  • 25.23% are extremely comfortable
  • 18.92% are uneasy
  • 20.27% are extremely uneasy.

These results of our small survey don’t paint the whole picture.  But it appears that most job seekers are used to the idea of machine-learning chatbots and other apps interacting with them as part of the job application and interview process.

From the numbers of those who are still uneasy with the robots, it appears we certainly still have a need for more education. While adding technology to our process can streamline our candidate selection, we must remember that people want to work with people.  The technology we have is mimicking human interaction, but we need real people in the process as well.

Do you still think this is just a trend?  According to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report, a large number of companies expect AI and robotics to be fully implements in their companies within 5 years.

Jessica Merrell recently compiled this list of over 30 talent acquisition technologies that currently use artificial intelligence.

Allegis Global Solutions’ head of RPO Technology, Steve Parker, details strategic ways you can incorporate machine learning into your recruitment process in this recent post.

These helpful apps can really make a difference in sourcing, screening, and moving our candidates through the process of becoming our new employees.  And, for now, job seekers seem mostly okay with it.

Let’s just hope we don’t get to the extreme of having them deliver the message, “You are terminated.”

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