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Hitching Your Wagon to Others

Tanjia Coleman
April 19, 2021

I want to share some lessons I’ve observed and researched relative to leadership.  So, you hitch your wagon to someone who’s relatively popular, controversial and receiving an immense amount of attention.  Someone who you believe is popular and favoritism will inherently roll over to you by default.  However, hitching your wagon to others solely for personal gain to the point you abandon your values will most definitely reshape your character and consequently destroy your identity.  This will not only cause you to become disliked but pitied by many leaving you essentially irrelevant.  

It’s so important to control your brand, your identity and your belief system while maintaining your values.  You may see others that exhibit questionable or unethical behavior that achieve popularity but realize this is simply a moment in time that will pass and if you have hitched your wagon to theirs you should hope their moment passes by without any controversy.  

With the influx of social media outlets and how quickly one can rise to stardom it appears that controversial people are the ones that many are gravitating towards.  

However, this isn’t an indicator that their messaging and behavior is the right fit for you. Walk in your purpose and understand that you are a separate entity with differing morals and viewpoints.  When you see behavior that is not in alignment with your values, ethics or that are biased you have an obligation to address the situation and speak up even when you might respect the person.  This is how you build and showcase your character to those around you by never being perceived as compromising your values and principles for personal gain.   

This holds true as well with name-dropping during interviews.  You may have unknowingly hitched your wagon to someone who is not as popular as you believe. 

When you hitch your wagon to others you are now responsible metaphorically for their weight in your wagon.  Aligning yourself with those who you believe are favored will not make you a better person, more productive or have the ability to organically build your brand. 

Let’s focus on being the best version of ourselves versus leaning on others' successes or artificial successes.  

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